Come On Baby, Make It Hurt So Good: An Impact Play Guide

The Submission of Elle

So you’re interested in impact play? Spanking, flogging, caning, and whipping has you intrigued. Maybe you’ve played around a bit, but now you want to get serious. I can totally relate, but you need to know a few things first. Whether you’re an expert or newbie, the rules remain the same and just winging it isn’t the smartest thing to do and as a matter of fact, is dangerous. Let me first give a warning: If you think impact play is an excuse to beat the shit out of your girlfriend and get away with it because you use the excuse that it’s “consensual, ” you’re a criminal that needs to be locked up in jail as this moron will soon find out:

I am not an expert by any stretch, but I have an awful lot of common sense, a hefty dose of street smarts, and have cultivated a knowledge…

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Assignment: what are your ideas?

This is a random assignment for my sub, but I encourage readers to post as well and reply with a link to their post.

Assignment: post 5 pictures or videos showing rope bondage that you would like to try (Dom: tie, sub: be tied). I prefer something that hasn’t been done, but for those more experienced, it can be a favorite tie.

My response:





Note: All images and videos found online. Credit to respective owners.

50 Shades of ???

Yeah…. That sucked. It was painful watching amateur hour (2+ hours), and the end….. I never read the book, but the end of the movie sucked too.

Respectfully Submitted

This is just one person’s opinion and it is a harsh one.  It is certainly colored by what I have experienced in the bedroom.  Honestly, I have no idea what the point of the film was or what the message was.  It felt like segments pinned together as opposed to a coherent narrative.

The Good Stuff:  1)  Everything was consensual, 2)  Jamie Dornan was pretty decent with the ropework he actually did, 3)  His hair was nice, 4) The flying scenes were amazing, 5)  Kate and Elliot were hot for the seconds we saw them, 5)  Horrible lines from the book were omitted in the script (but that has a downside too).

The Ugh:

1)  BIGGEST ISSUE:  There was no chemistry between the leads.  They do not convey the passion of a McDreamy and Grey, of Damon and Elena or even of Cullen and Bella.  I have seen hotter scenes…

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30 Days (25)

Day 25 – Are there items, objects or rituals that represent or help you express your Dominance? If not, have you ever thought of adding or being gifted one? Is there a special significance to these objects or rituals?

I have a couple items that I can wear to represent and express dominance. They were a gift from my Sub. I also  gave her a few gifts that signify her submission, and seeing her wear those makes me feel more Dom-ly. I also have a collar that I put on her sometimes during play, and that helps me express Dominance and set the scene.

Kneeling is a ritual that we use for her to express submission. It helps me express Dominance when I ask her to kneel for me.

30 Days (24)

Day 24 – What are the emotions that most directly let you access your Dominance? What feelings do they inspire?

Love and Lust. My Dominance is bedroom (sex) only, so it is all linked to love and lust. I feel Dominant when I want to take care of her, touch her, play with her, fuck her. I don’t feel Dominant while folding laundry or washing dishes or watching TV. It inspires my want to take care of her, play with her, and make her feel the pain and pleasure that she loves.