Last Night

Last night MS was tired, but knelt for me in the proper way. After I invited her to bed, she requested that she be allowed to sleep in her collar and cuffs. I was going to give her a break and let her sleep, but put the collar and cuffs on her. She removed her clothes and we snuggled naked. She wiggled and squirmed against me, and things escalated from there.

She ended up on her hands and knees, inflatable penis gag in her mouth, breasts tied tightly with red hemp rope, and an anal plug inserted. I applied the cane and a paddle to her backside, and gave her breasts some attention with the same. When she was good and ready, I entered her from behind and had my way with her. While I cleaned up she maintained her position, and waited for me to return.

I returned and moved her to her back, cuffed hands above her head. In that position I alternated between licking her and using the cane and paddle on her inner thighs and her breasts. I edged her 6+ times, stopping each time when she asked permission to cum. Each time it took less time to get to the edge. When she was at the bring one more time, I gave her permission to cum and kept up the stimulation. She squirted a little bit, and was incoherent when she finished.

I cleaned her up and removed the bindings and toys. I also removed the cuffs and collar and brought her water to drink. (When she is too tired, the cuffs and collar interfere with her sleep for some reason). I had to hold her up to drink, and she fell asleep as soon as she lay her head on my chest.

It was a wonderful night, and the scene worked without a hitch. The bedroom D/s works much better than D/s outside the bedroom. I am proud of her and hope life lets us play very soon again.

New day, new progress

Yesterday was an otherwise normal day, but extra effort was put into the D/s. MS followed her rituals, and we had kinky playtime. We hadn’t had that type of play for a while. I was happy all day and it translated to bedroom action.

Normally, when it comes to bdsm play, my mind races to add more and more ideas to eventually make the plan so complicated it is no longer feasible. Last night I kept it simple, and it worked very well. Anal toy, nipple clamps, cane. She came faster than usual as well, which was unexpected but intense. We had our “sex bears” and snuggled to bed.

All in all I am very happy with the progress we have made redefining our D/s into something that works for us.