Play Time

You kneel for me.

I walk around you, drinking in the view.

Your beautiful lines and curves, gracefully arching.

I am pleased.

You have done this for me.

Giving yourself to me.

I prepare.

6 ropes, 1 blindfold, and a red ballgag.

Chest harness of rope, squeezing your breasts.

You feel the rope slide over your body as the coils embrace you.

Blindfolded with your hands tied together over your head.

The gag is placed in your mouth and buckled tightly.

You feel me move around the bed, tying rope.

One above your left knee, one on your right ankle.

One on your left ankle, and the last above your right knee.

What will come next?

Waiting, anticipating.

The ropes stretch you out.

Tied to each bedpost.

Making you available, vulnerable.

Unable to close your legs.

You feel me on the bed, slowly moving over you.

My tongue here, a kiss there, my hands touching you.

Slowly moving down.

Licking, nibbling, exploring.

I find that spot that makes you moan and arch.

I lick and give it the attention that will make you explode.

You squirm and voice your pleasure.

Muted by the gag.

I command you to Cum.

You Cum, but I keep licking.

You cannot close your legs.

The ropes hold you for me.

To keep licking until I decide you are done.

I stop and untie the ropes from the corners of the bed.

You are not finished yet.

I must still take you.

You are tired and spent, but I will have you.

You are mine.

I turn you over, on your hands and knees.

The rope binding your hands in front of you.

The ropes on your legs holding you open for me.

I approach you from behind, and enter you in one motion.

You feel warm and tight.

Hugging me.

I thrust harder, and feel you move to meet me.

I thrust more, grabbing your hips and pulling you to me.

I place my thumb at your back door.

I don’t push in, but gently massage around.

This drives you wild and you need me.

You need more of me.



I finish with a climax and shudder.

I am spent too.

I stay there, in you, enjoying the warmth and feel of you around me.

I don’t want to go, but I must pull out and clean up.

I return to slowly remove the ropes.

First the ankles, then the legs.

The hands, then the chest.

I remove the last slowly, still enjoying you.

You are tired, and lean against me.

I remove the blindfold and gag.

I hold you and feed you sex bears and water.

You fall asleep against my chest.

Sharing warmth.

Sharing comfort and closeness.

Sharing desires and lust.

You are mine.

My sub.

My lover.

My fuck toy.

I will play with what is mine.