Giving Pain

The last couple days has seen MS and myself tired and feeling under the weather. The dynamic suffered and expected rituals/events were omitted. Punishment didn’t happen at the time due to tiredness/illness.

Early this morning, MS woke me up. She asked me to punish her. I know that when she asks for punishment or pain, she really needs it. I got up and brought back 2 canes, a 3 tail plastic flogger, clothespins, gag, and collar. She asked if she should count, but I replied that she wouldn’t be able to.

She assumed the commanded position, on her hands and knees on the bed. I put the collar on her. I then installed the gag, tightly. I started with the larger of the two canes, not at full strength, but harder than a normal warm up. She jumped a bit at the first stroke, but she settled into it without breaking her position. I was having fun giving her the pain of the cane, and she was enjoying it too. At that point, I didn’t feel like punishing her anymore, and it became a test to see what she could take.

bdsm-caning (source: Google)

I switched to the thinner cane, and gave her many strokes of that as well. I didn’t bother to count. I moved on the the plastic flogger for more of a sting.

I stopped to add clothespins to her labia, and 2 on each breast just next to the nipple. She groaned with the pain from those, but held position. I was proud of her for that. I moved back to the thin cane and made her bottom pink with it, increasing the strength of the swing gradually.

I removed the clothespins and placed one on each nipple, watching her expression as I closed each one. The vision of pain on her face , combined with the intake of breath as each one bit down was beautiful.

I caned her more, increasing the intensity. When I was finished with the cane, I removed and replaced the clothespins on her nipples in a slightly different position. This gave her the existing ache plus a new sharp bite as they were replaced. I loved it.

I took her from behind, pressing her chest down into the bed, thereby twisting and squeezing her nipples harder as she was forced to place her weight on the clamps. I stopped once to adjust the clothespins again and continued until I was finished.

I removed the clothespins and had her wait in position until I was finished cleaning up. I moved her to her back and removed the gag. I plugged in the magic wand and used it to great effect, teasing her a little, stopping, making her ask for clothespins again, then making her cum (after asking and receiving permission). I kept it on the spot until she couldn’t take any more and managed to ask permission¬† to stop. I love doing that and it seems to be difficult for her to think coherently enough to remember the request and voice it.

I helped her clean up and she snuggled against my chest to sleep.