When one thinks of service in D/s, usually a picture of the sub serving the Dom comes to mind. The sub may cook, clean, do laundry, prepare clothes for the day, etc.

Sometimes it works the other way. Despite the assumed standard, a Dom can serve the sub to make her life easier. Recently MS has been stressed and overworked. It took time and energy away from D/s. After discussion, I decided that increasing my part of the chores would help her reduce stress and give her more time to focus on us and D/s. I am doing it to help her and our relationship. It doesn’t make me any less of a Dom, as I am taking care of her, just in a non-traditional way compared to the classic views of D/s.

4 thoughts on “Service

  1. My Dom does the same for me. It’s about enabling us to be our best selves rather than assigning chores by gender. I know you are a great guy and she adores you. Keep her on the straight and narrow. I know that’s a full-time job!

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  2. I completely agree with you. My Sir has always helped with things around the house and sometimes he will do more than others for the same reason. This in no way makes him less of a Dominant in my eyes as he is looking at the situation and taking the lead in order to meet my needs. I think that if you are living in a 24/7 D/s relationship with a family and where you both work full time, service is not going to look like it does in some other relationships, but I think there are lots of us where the work and responsibilities are naturally divided, and if this is led by the Dominant then in my opinion that is D/s in practice.

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  3. Sir, I was so tired reading this last night that I didn’t grasp what you were saying. Thank you, thank you, thank you a million times! I need this right now, desperately. I am struggling so much and I am glad that you are stepping in to help. I graciously accept. This is rescuing a modern damsel in distress. *curtsies*


  4. Good leaders see things needed to accomplish tasks/goals. They keep things on track by watching over all tasks needed and those performing them. They work harder and longer than those under them to ensure success. The day a leader believes a task is beneath them is the day they begin to descend.

    You are being a good spouse/leader.

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