Work mode and protocol

I have recently discussed protocol with MS, and one interesting item came up. One of the protocols is to use “Sir” when alone. She mentioned that it is very difficult for her to remember to use it while in Attorney Mode, which is when she is discussing work or doing work. I agreed to suspend that protocol during those times, as it has been impossible to maintain it while in attorney mode. She is still expected to use “Sir” at other times though.

Readers, I ask your thoughts on this.

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5 thoughts on “Work mode and protocol

  1. We don’t use Sir on a regular basis, though I do know many who find it effective. I know myself, it would become rote, loosing its effectiveness. I do use it when the mood strikes me, usually after he has. LOL. A genuine, “Yes Sir’ during those times seems to mean more to my husband. There are times out of the blue where he will ‘request’ I use it after he asks me a question. It is during those times when I have to dig deep, and my submission builds.

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  2. I’ll admit to being the odd ball in the room. My upbringing involved “Sir” and “Ma’am” as punctuation marks. Forget them and you got to pick yourself up off of the floor and try again. (That was literally the situation.) Thus I both expect and notice manners in a world bereft of them. This plays into your question as follows.

    My daughter uses “Sir” with me almost as punctuation. She finds it odd when I call her “Ma’am” as need arises. Tonight we did maintenance on my truck and it sounded like this. “Can you hand me the 5mm boxend Girl. Yes Sir.” When it hit the hand I had out past the tire she heard “Thank you Ma’am” and said “You’re welcome” in return. That love and respect is part of our world by habit and desire to treat well anf recognize the other.

    You both could adopt this. It could grow into your lexicon. Your “Are you ready for lunch Ma’am” is seen as love and respect as is her “Yes Sir, let’s go!”. I have a feeling that her tone and delivery might be different in different settings but you get gist of point.

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  3. My humble opinion… If it is something you, as her Dominate, has asked of her and it is not a hard limit of hers she should do her best to fulfill that request. No excuses. If it is important to you and you have reason behind the harmless request i do not understand why she would not at least try to comply. Practice makes perfect and all that.

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  4. I think this sounds like a really good option. MC had a rule for me that whenever we were together we were always at protocol, plus I never called him by his name; but I know there were times it was really hard for me to mentally be in a protocol place when I was on about work or my family. I think you have to find a place that works for both of you. Maybe at some point it will no longer be an issue for her and even when she is in attorney mode she will always be mentally in a submissive place to you even then. But little steps I think are best.

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